John the Baptist:

Church News | Sunday, 4 December 2022 |

By Joan

A light in the darkness

A light in the darkness

This week in Church we focused on John the Baptist. John was a plain speaking, straight forward man who lived a very simple life. Revd Dawn said that he wasn’t afraid to speak his mind and he spent his life bringing his followers to God, and baptising them with water whilst giving them hope in the one who was to follow. He never faltered in his loyalty to the man he was born to pave the way for. At Evening Prayer Canon John, continued reminding us of the words from the Old Testament that told us how a root would come from Jesse and that a branch would grow giving us a new life that would promise us hope. Hope, like a candle that glows in the dark giving us light. That new light came as Jesus, who too was baptised by John. So, who was John? Was he Elijah, was he the Messiah, or a prophet? No, he was the voice that cried out in the wilderness, telling us that Advent is about hope in the one who was to follow him – The true Messiah – Jesus… Amen

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