The One?

Church News | Sunday, 11 December 2022 |

By Joan

Words to remember

Words to remember

Canon John asked us a question this morning: ‘Do you remember sermons?’ He didn’t want a show of hands of course, (just in case) but he went on to tell us of John the Baptist sending his disciples to ask Jesus if ‘He was the One’. Jesus, sent the disciples back saying that they should tell John what they had heard and what they had seen. How the blind is given sight, how the deaf can now hear, how the dead have been awakened… Jesus spoke to the crowds later saying what a great prophet John was and how it had been foretold by Isaiah that John would be the messenger who would pave the way for the Messiah. So yes! Jesus is The One. Thinking on these things we were blessed with some of the most beautiful prayers one could ever hear, so different from our usual prayers of intersession, for they reminded us of how little we know, other than that we can be assured that our God knows. So yes, Canon John, some sermons, some prayers, some carols around a campfire we will remember – Always… Amen

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