Church News | Sunday, 18 December 2022 |

By Joan

Hope, Peace, Joy and Love

Hope, Peace, Joy and Love

At this mornings Family Service, Revd Dawn said how Joseph was not a prominent figure in the Christmas story and yet he too, as Mary, to whom he was betrothed¸ obeyed the will of God, by standing by her in her time of great need. This evening at our beautiful Carol Service we hear again the journey that Mary and Joseph took, and in his address Andy told us a meaningful story of three trees, with very high hopes… However, their hopes were dashed when they were brought down by wood-cutters. Feeling low, and let-down they had no option but to fulfil their humble duties only to find that they eventually fulfilled their longings of greatness and beyond. It seems that if we put our hope of joy, peace and love in Christ Jesus our Saviour, our aspirations will be satisfied above and beyond all our expectations.

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