The Believers:

Church News | Sunday, 25 December 2022 |

By Joan

We believe in the Light

We believe in the Light

Such a happy and joyous Christmas morning in Church where we celebrated the birth of the Holy Child… However, the perfect Christmas story was somewhat questioned by Canon John in his sermon to us. I am sure it must be very difficult for any of us to believe every word of the Christmas story told in the bible and in the beautiful carols we sing. How did Jesus really come into being? Did the baby Jesus not cry when he woke up in the stable? Was Jesus the perfect little boy? Well, Canon John left it up to us to think about. Can we really believe that if Jesus was only part human, he was perfect? So many things to ponder, so many statements to question, even so, however Jesus came into this world, whether he was perfect or not, whether he was fully human, fully divine or a mixture of both, it surely doesn’t matter for Jesus the man, who ministered for just three years, left behind millions of believers stretching for over two thousand years, the largest faith in the world today. So: Welcome once again into my life Jesus. Amen

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