Church News | Sunday, 1 January 2023 |

By Joan

Joy to the world!

Joy to the world!

Isn’t it amazing to believe that following the birth of the greatest person ever to be born on this earth, the first people to have been informed were lowly, shepherds who were doing their humble work caring for sheep? Isn’t it amazing that God chose to come to earth in the form of an innocent baby rather than a great worrier clad in the finest silk and shining armour? I find it truly amazing that the baby Jesus had to lie in a cold and shabby out-building, along with animals because there was no room for him and his parents to take up residents in a reasonably comfortable room. Why then did God chose all these unlikely situations to establish himself on this earth? Of course we will never know, but it may be that he needed to appeal to all the poor of the earth as opposed to the wealthy. And amazingly it did… Joy to the world: Amen

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