Church News | Sunday, 22 January 2023 |

By Joan

Pray for Christian Unity.

Pray for Christian Unity.

At this time, we come together to celebrate a Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, a time for Christian Church members from all denominations to join together in unity. At this morning’s Eucharist Service, we were delighted to welcome Reverend John Perumbalath who, having been the Area Bishop of Bradwell, for some years, is now the Bishop-Elect of Liverpool. He spoke to us about Christians coming together and supporting each other. He asked us ‘Where are we today?’ ‘Why are we disconnected?’ He believes it is because we have moved away from Jesus… He reminded us that at our baptism, regardless of what Christian church we attend we are united as one with Christ and the love of God. When we move away from Jesus, we become distracted, so to help us focus, we need to pray together and come together as one… It’s not easy, he said, but with God, anything is possible. Amen

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