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Church News | Thursday, 16 June 2016 |

By Joan

Carolyn showed them around the Lady Chapel

Carolyn showed them around the Lady Chapel

It was wonderful to welcome around 20 members of St Edward’s, Romford, Mothers’ Union group to St Mary’s Church last Wednesday evening. As all the members were being brought down in private cars, those who arrived early gathered in St Leonard’s Hall for refreshment while they waited for all their members to arrive. Once all had were there, Revd Carolyn was delighted to show them all around the church telling them of the history of the different areas. They looked in at the bell tower whilst the bell-ringers were practicing and Carolyn told of the changes in the church since she had been made vicar there. Carolyn showed them the Lady Chapel and explained how the beautiful stain-glass window of the Nativity had been hidden behind curtains for many years.

It was quite a pleasant evening so apart from a couple of ladies who felt unable to walk around any more, Carolyn took the rest for a stroll around the churchyard pointing out the interesting features. Eventually they wandered back into St Leonard’s hall where Doris Baker and Joan Vine, who are both active MU members, had set up a simple supper, with wine and soft drinks for all the ladies to enjoy… It was a lovely evening for all of us and we ended with the Mothers Union prayer before the St Edward’s MU Group set off for home…

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