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Church News | Saturday, 3 September 2016 |

By Joan

Love the look!

Love the look!

How would you like to lose some of those extra pounds that have piled on during the summer holidays so that you can be lovely and slim for the Christmas holidays?

I believe there is going to be a weigh-in on Sunday and the fun of going without all your favourite puddings, pies, sweets, crisps, cakes, chocolate and wine can begin.

‘Pound for Pound’ lasting from this September through to December is inspired by Trudy Stevens, to help raise money for the Organ Fund

Anyone can join the sponsored slim, you only have to find some sponsors that will pay one pound for every pound you lose. For more information, speak to Trudy Stevens: 01245 359079. e: Trudy_Stevens@outlook.com

Do you want to become a little trimmer before the Christmas parties? Then join our Sponsored Slim, September-December, to help you lose a few pounds and raise some money for our organ fund. Details from Trudy: 01245 359079 Trudy_Stevens@outlook.com - Thank you, Trudy.

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