Jesus Christ is waiting...

Church News | Monday, 10 October 2016 |

By Joan

Jesus Christ is Waiting...

Jesus Christ is Waiting...

We started our 10.30am Parish Eucharist on Sunday morning with one of my all-time favourite hymns. To me, the words are profound and the tune reflects the poignant verses so beautifully.

Jesus Christ is Waiting – He sits and eats alone like so many millions of people. Old or young, we all have times when we are lonely and feel that no one cares whether we live or die. But no matter how lonely we are Jesus Christ is always with us, no matter what gender, race, religion we are, if we need Him He is there for us.

Jesus Christ is raging – He is angry over the hatred that lies within man – the bigotry, jealousy, greed and injustices. When we watch the news, and get the feeling that there is no hope left in the world, Jesus allows our controlled anger and energy to help put things right.

Jesus Christ is healing – No matter what our problem we can always turn to Christ for his gentle healing touch. Even when it’s our time to depart our earthly life, and health advisors are spent, if we turn to Christ for healing he will give us the hope, comfort and assurance that no one else can give.

Jesus Christ is dancing - How joyous is the Lord when love overcomes loathing and people come together for a worthy common cause. Love is the strongest emotion man has, love can change and resolve the very worst of situations. Let us all delight in a time of triumph when we see love, care and concern defeat hatred.

Jesus Christ is calling – Jesus Christ is calling us all to befriend the lonely, defeat injustice, heal and comfort whenever you can, rejoice in loves victory over hate and to listen to His call.

Jesus warns us that it isn’t easy to follow His commands, its a bit like walking a tightrope, but He promises to guide us all the way and if we have faith, we can quite easily follow in His footsteps…

‘Jesus Christ is Waiting’ By John L. Bell & Graham Maule - Hymn no: 268 in ‘Hymns Old and New’.

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