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Church News | Monday, 23 January 2017 |

By Joan

Pray for Christian Unity

Pray for Christian Unity

Sunday found us in the ‘Week of Prayer for Christian Unity’. In her address at the 10.30 service Revd Carolyn said how wonderful it would be if all Christians, no matter what denomination they were could come together and work together for the benefit of all. She said how good it was to have built up such a good and happy relationship with those who attend the Broomfield Methodist Church along the Main Road. Carolyn also talked about the successful gathering once a week on a Wednesday lunchtime of the clergy and lay-members of many of the local churches that are in the new MMU4 prayer group. She did ask the congregation if they could name all the churches in the group and it was surprising how many they came up with.

Revd Carolyn asked us if we would jot down what we thought the purpose of the church is, not the building, but the people, who she said were the ‘body of the church’. A small slip of paper was handed to everyone so that she could read the thoughts of her own dedicated congregation. Carolyn gave us a few minutes of quiet while we thought about her words and while we wrote down our answers to the question posed on the slip of paper. The replies and thoughts were collected at the end of the service.

According to statistics, Revd Carolyn said that by the year 2025 at least three parts of the working clergy will have retired and that there will not be enough ministers to look after all the churches in the country so other methods of ministry must be worked on in order to continue to serve the many people who will always rely on the spiritual support of the church. The doctrine of the church is to ‘follow Jesus and spread the good news’. Mission and Ministry and Christion Unity therefore, is the method that will hopefully ensure the survival of the church.

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