Service with Marriage Theme.

Church News | Monday, 6 February 2017 |

By Joan

For a happy marriage

For a happy marriage

This morning our Eucharist was themed with the Marriage preparation day held here in Church and in St Leonard’s hall on Saturday, where our couples who are to be married during the year were reminded of how important it is to foster a good, loving and working relationship if a long and successful marriage is to be sustained. It worked along well with our Gospel reading from Matthew 5: v13-16 in which we should liken ourselves to salt and light. In her address Revd Carolyn said that a happy and lasting marriage needs to be properly balanced a bit like salt and light. Adding salt to our food helps bring out and enhance the flavour, whereas adding too much salt ruins a perfectly good meal and renders it inedible. Same with light, we need light to illuminate each other’s way in life and to highlight each other’s good points. However, too much light can be blinding.

We can recall this reading when we think about our faith! We should be able to share our journey of faith, through adding flavour like salt and enhancing our faith by throwing light on all the good things that God has given us and what Jesus did for us. Like a good marriage, we should share all the good things we have through the love we share with our partners and with those around us, and as Revd Anne asked us in her address at Evening Prayer, What would we most liked to be remembered for at our life’s end? She suggested that the act of kindness and love would be the perfect traits of a worthy life-long Christian.

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