Two of a kind

Church News | Monday, 13 February 2017 |

By Joan

Explore our faith so that we shine like a light!

Explore our faith so that we shine like a light!

Two very interesting sermons were given on Sunday, one at the 10.30am and one at the 6.30pm service, totally different of course, but somehow entwined with a similar message.

At the 10.30am service, Revd Anne had prepared to direct her sermon to the children, but on a cold, damp and windy day there was only one small child so, not to be thwarted Anne directed her talk at us, explaining how… When we are very young our intake of food begins with milk and advances on through the years until we are eating a normal, adult diet. Anne likened it to our understanding of the bible, saying how we need to start very simple and as our understanding of faith matures through the years, we need to start thinking deeper about different aspects of the message, that perhaps we had never thought about or studied before. Just like someone who has never tried an unusual food. So Revd Anne challenged us to try something different, unusual or perhaps something we don’t think we would like?

At Evening Prayer Philip Howlett began his address with a question, asking us to name the fastest growing religion in the country. A bevy of replies didn’t quite hit the spot and I am sure we were all amazed to hear that it is Paganism. Apparently it’s growing fast and has numbers similar to that of the Methodists! The magic and mystery of Paganism seems to be appealing, especially to young women who are becoming ever more enticed through the internet. So, what can we, as Christians do, was the challenge put before us. Phillip suggested that we must not slip back in our ways and become lethargic, instead we must stand proud of our faith and show the love of Christ to each other and to embrace people of other faiths or of no faith! He suggested that we love and care for everyone and in doing so we will be awake, different and shine like a light in the darkness.

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