Our Daily Bread

Church News | Monday, 20 February 2017 |

By Joan

Give us this day our daily bread.

Give us this day our daily bread.

At the 10.30am Service on Sunday we had a reading from St Matthew’s Gospel Ch 6: in which we are advised not to worry about our food or our clothes as God will provide for us, and in her address Revd Julie asked us if we were worriers? She said that she Googled the 30 things people worry about most and much to our amazement it turned out to be overweight and getting old along with the lack of savings and overall fitness.

Of course there are things that we are bound to worry about if we care for our family, our home and our neighbours’ especially if they are in situations we feel unable to rectify. However, some of the worries people seem to have appear to be problems they should be able to deal with if they take proper care of their own health and their financial situations.

At Evening Prayer Revd Carolyn spoke about her recent holiday saying that whilst having a chat to a fellow holiday maker they happened to be-moan the fact that Christianity was rather anti-everything? And on Monday afternoon at Bible Study we looked at the line in the Lord’s Prayer that says. ‘Give us this day our daily bread’. We talked about the problem of greed and wanting more than we need, and we looked at the plight of those who genuinely had not enough to consume on a regular basis.

I think that most of us agreed that we have very little to worry about in our affluent country and that rather than worry about our ‘diet’, ‘keeping the house clean’, ‘the health of our pets’, having a few wrinkles’ or ‘our dress sense’, we might be better employed by worrying about loving God, caring for others along with the things that really matter.

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