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Church News | Monday, 13 March 2017 |

By Joan

He just didn't understand

He just didn't understand

At the 10.30am Service we hear about the problem Nicodemus had trying to understand the words of Jesus. Nicodemus, a Pharisee and ruler of the Jewish people seems to have every respect for Jesus the Rabbi, who he easily recognises as a powerful man of God; however Jesus tries to explain that unless he is born again and filled with the Holy Spirit he cannot enter the Kingdom of God.

I feel somewhat concerned for Nicodemus, he must have been a very intelligent and spiritual man, but he just couldn’t understand what Jesus was saying to him. Nicodemus, taking Jesus’ words literally, questioned him saying how could it be possible for him to be re-born from his mother’s womb a second time, when of course, Jesus was talking of a higher and a more spiritual re-birth.

Revd Carolyn, remarked about the many baptisms she does, knowing full well that the likelihood of her seeing the majority of the newly baptised and their families ever again is remote. Yet, from the moment we are baptised with water and the spirit, we have indeed been born again and perhaps like Nicodemus the families of the newly baptised don’t really understand what has happened. And how do those of us who attend church regularly feel when we hear this story? Do we truly understand and recognise ourselves as a re-born Christian and are we recognisable to others as such? And just how deep is our faith and belief?

At evening prayer we heard that wonderful story of the Centurion, a Gentile, and a man in authority who would tell those below him to come or go and they would, and to his servants he would tell them to do this or that and they would do it without question, yet, like Nicodemus, he had the greatest respect for the Rabbi, who he believed and trusted would be able to heal his favoured servant from a distance. Even Jesus was astonished at the Centurion’s great faith. Oh! To understand and have a faith like the Centurion…

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