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Church News | Monday, 14 January 2013 |

By Joan Vine

Revd. Canon Martin Wood - Doesn't beat about the bush!

Revd. Canon Martin Wood - Doesn't beat about the bush!

Everyone on the electoral roll of St. Mary with St. Leonard Church was given a personal invitation to come along to one of the two services on 13th January 2013 designated to the TRIO Campaign. We were delighted to welcome Revd. Canon Martin Wood to both services where he talked about money – Unashamedly!

Canon Martin Wood has never been known to beat about the bush, or tread lightly around a subject of great importance and so it was with regards to the financial status of St Mary’s Church. Using a very clear power-point presentation he talked us through the income and expenditure of the church’s finances.

He was very quick to praise the congregation for their great generosity to the church, and he was also very understanding of the amount that is given regularly to church appeals such as Christian Aid, the Shoe box plea, the Children’s society, and other appeals however, it seems that because of the huge outgoings of St Mary’s we are actually spending more than we are getting in and, at today’s reckoning, we are having to spend out over £400.00 per week more than we are currently receiving.

It doesn’t take a mathematical genius to work out that if we go on using up our reserves in this way it will not be too long before we are in dire-straights.

Canon Martin asked us ‘unashamedly’ if those of us in the congregation would re-consider our regular giving, by filling in a standing order form, so that the church receives our donations whether we attend the services or not and to sign a gift aid form so that the church can claim back the tax.

It was quite a shock to learn that it costs around £1,725 per WEEK to run our beautiful church and at the moment our income per week is around £1,385.

Canon Martin Wood appealed to us to kindly consider increasing our giving and making it regular through a standing order form so that:-

The Church of St. Mary with St. Leonard who were serving the people of Broomfield yesterday, and today, with your help, will be able to serve them tomorrow too….

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