A Little Cat's Tale!

Church News | Friday, 18 January 2013 |

By Joan



Throughout the freezing cold snap there had been a young cat hanging around St. Mary’s churchyard. It had tended to sit on the tombstone by the lych-gate and sadly meow as people walked in and out.

Revd Carolyn hardly took any notice at first, it was only because it was so cold and then, one evening she noticed it sitting on the tombstone shivering. Carolyn became increasingly concerned believing that the cat must have been a stray or lost.

Finally, all came to a head when the cat appeared quite late one night dishevelled and very hungry. Carolyn telephoned the RSPCA and was told that they would be quite happy to pick the cat up if it were already captured, so the following morning with Scatty (Carolyn’s cat’s) travelling box to hand the little, cold and hungry cat was offered some food and with a gentle shove, was put into the travelling box and duly picked up.

Later that evening Carolyn learned to her great delight that the little ginger cat had been chipped, so had been returned to its owners.

It appears that the cat had been missing from home for two weeks and had travelled over an hours walking distance from home. Carolyn was thrilled to learn that there had been a happy ending.

What’s that statement we always hear at Morning Prayer???

‘Wherever a church stands in your name, may it be a beacon of hope to all who pass by’ or perhaps, 'to all who sit on a tombstone and sadly meow!'

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