1st of Advent 2017

Church News | Monday, 4 December 2017 |

By Joan

The advent wreath waiting for light.

The advent wreath waiting for light.

There was plenty of light shining around the church this morning – being of course, the first Sunday in Advent. It was a family service and there were quite a few children there to help us celebrate and to read the prayers. We were delighted to welcome a dozen or more people who had come up from St Michael’s Church in Gidea Park where Revd Carolyn spent three and a half years as a curate. It was just wonderful to see them all again. I believe they were joining Jennifer Salisbury after the service for a pub lunch. Jennifer had been a reader at St Michael’s for many years past.

During her talk, Revd Julie showed us slides of the changes in children’s toys over the years starting off with the 1960’s (took many of us back a few years, I bet!) changes and fads that have occurred right up to today - Julie also reminded us of some of the good things that happened in the decades as well as some of the bad things like wars, and natural disasters. Of course, unlike children’s toys and world events which are constantly changing, Jesus and his wise words never change, and unlike many of the old toys and games that have disappeared, Jesus is always with us, He never fades away, and no matter how busy and distracted we are with all the forthcoming Christmas festivities we should always remember to put Jesus first in our life.

With the first Advent candle burning brightly we were encouraged to sing a hymn with actions called ‘I am a city on a hill’ during which we all managed to ‘let our lights shine’.

During the evening service, Revd Carolyn remarked on the unusual readings we had, in fact she said that she re-checked the suggested Lectern readings just in case she had made a mistake, but no, she was correct, and we had a reading from Isaiah 1: 1-20, brilliantly read by Roger Cole, during which Isaiah tries to warn and guide the people about being good and listening to God’s word. The other reading was from Matthew 21: 1-13 which told us of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, humbly riding on a donkey. Matthew’s sensitive account reminded us of God’s whispers of love and his warnings of our destiny if we don’t listen. After all, as we heard in Isaiah’s words, God is not a soft touch and we must praise and give thanks to the Lord every day and listen to his words of love and comfort.

We were delighted to hear that the collection for the charity for homeless people C.H.E.S.S. raised around £80.00 and the Children’s charity ‘Save the Children’ organised by Sue Cole every year raised around £660.00 – Thank you so much to everyone who helps support others in need – Revd Carolyn…

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