Church News | Monday, 18 December 2017 |

By Joan

Waiting for the Holy Child

Waiting for the Holy Child

At the 10.30am Parish Eucharist, Revd Anne, who gave the address asked us if we were all prepared for Christmas day.

Just as we prepare to welcome the Christ Child each year, there were great preparations laid down to welcome the original Holy One, the Anointed One. First came all the Prophets who foretold of a Saviour. Then came John the Baptist who had a very powerful ministry of his own. A strange man who had been sent by God to an elderly, barren woman, a man who was destined to pave the way for Jesus. When John was questioned about his own validity he humbly assures the questioners that he was definitely not the expected one that everyone was waiting for in fact, he considered himself unfit to untie the thongs of His sandals. Then of course we had the angels who visited Mary and the Shepherds, then the amazing star which led the way to the humble stable where the baby Jesus lay.

At 6.30pm we continued the preparation for the arrival of the Holy Child by attending the Village Carol service. Despite it being a very cold, wet and windy evening, our beautifully decorated church was packed to sing carols, hear wonderful readings and to hear two lovely anthems delivered by St Mary’s choir. It was a very uplifting service followed by us all being invited into St Leonard’s Hall for mince pies, cakes and mulled wine…

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