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Church News | Sunday, 31 December 2017 |

By Joan

Put your trust in the Lord

Put your trust in the Lord

Following on from all the hurly-burly of the pre-Christmas rush, Christmas and the New Year, we had a truly quiet and peaceful service this morning. Revd Carolyn reminded us in her address that not only was this Sunday the 1st Sunday of Christmas but it’s also known as the Circumcision of our Lord and of the horrifying commemoration of King Herod’s order to slaughter all the infant boys in Jerusalem in the hope of ridding himself of Christ the King.

Rather than base her sermon on the circumcision or the infant slaughter Revd Carolyn chose to remind us of all the wonderful gifts that God gives us, she said that during these very busy times of the year it is too easy for us to forget. She spoke to us of Mary, the quiet, unassuming, young and innocent girl who was chosen to carry and bear God’s son for us. Mary must have been very frightened as she was exposed to all, she had to bear the brunt of peoples’ judgemental looks and comments, she only had Joseph to protect her.

Even so, Mary remembered the words of the angel and treasured everything in her heart. Although she only had Joseph to lean upon, she trusted in God who was her eternal presence, just as he is with us… He is always with us, by our side during the good times and the bad times. To help keep us strong all we need to do is put our trust in the Lord.

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