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Church News | Monday, 15 January 2018 |

By Joan

Passing on the Good News

Passing on the Good News

During the epiphany season Revd Carolyn told us how we reflect on the call of Jesus to his disciples. We should all have heard his call to come and walk the Christian way of life. We were all encouraged to look and listen to God’s voice and see what a difference following Christ can make to our lives.

With today’s vast means of communication through social media and the like, it's so easy to forget the words of Jesus and how he told us to live and spread the Good News. Many of us are so engrossed with passing on gossip about family, friends and neighbours, and we take great delight in spreading the word about the waste material dumped in the ocean and on climate change, etc. that we forget to gossip about the words and characters in the bible.

So, whether todays social media is a good or a bad form of communication we are challenged as Christians to spread the good news about God’s love, we should be empowered to keep relationships good, to be honest and truthful in all our conversations and dealings for the truth is very powerful. We also need to take another look at our own values.

So, Revd Carolyn asked us – Do we walk and talk like Christian people? If so, let us be happy to chat about and share the Good News that lies in the Gospels.

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