The First Miracle

Church News | Sunday, 21 January 2018 |

By Joan

His first miracle...

His first miracle...

At the 10.30am service we heard that wonderful story of Jesus turning the water into wine at a wedding in Cana. It was the first described miracle performed by Jesus. It must have been a very important wedding as it seems that everyone was there. Jesus’ mother Mary was one of the guests which included not only Jesus but all of his disciples too. Jesus must have been in his early thirties, and when the wine ran out, Mary suggested to the banquet manager that her son would help out. Jesus didn’t seem at all keen to start his special time on earth, but as Revd Anne suggested, that as there were so many young men there downing the wine, Mary may have felt obliged to help!

Of course, Jesus’ mother Mary was all too well aware of her son’s supernatural powers and like most mums, she ignored her son’s reluctance, stepped forward and requested that the waiters did what Jesus asked them to do, hence the massive stone, water-filled jars became the carriers of the most valuable wine, and it seems that everyone was amazed with the result.

Revd Anne suggested that we may be like those stone jars, filling them up every day with little things, filling our lives to the brim. She asked us to reflect on all the things we fill our lives with and after, asked us if we found God there? Jesus transformed water into something far more valuable, and he can fill our lives with more valuable things too. He doesn’t ask us to empty our lives, but he can transform our lives, all we have to do is let him do just that. Jesus was transformed by his death on the cross and if we believe and trust in him our lives will be transformed too.

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