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Church News | Sunday, 4 March 2018 |

By Joan

We have to fight to keep our love alive...

We have to fight to keep our love alive...

This morning, Revd Carolyn welcomed the couples that are to be married this year in St Mary’s Church. Yesterday she said, was marriage preparation day in St Leonard’s Hall overseen by Revd’s Anne and Julie. Carolyn thanked Glynis for all the cooking and preparation she did in order to help the day go well.

The Gospel reading was from John 2: In which Jesus overturns the money-lenders tables in the temple and tells the elders that even though the temple would be pulled down in three days Jesus would build it up again, referring to his body of course, as opposed to the actual temple-building.

Revd Carolyn’s address then seemed to take somewhat of a turn when, instead of talking about the ‘Wedding in Cana’ as anticipated, she abandoned her notes and talked about that lovely ‘wedding hymn’ ‘Fight the Good Fight’. Speaking not only to the wedding couples, Revd Carolyn, spoke to us all saying that a happy marriage is always worth fighting for, along with anything else that helps others live a better and happy life, all that is good for the community has to be fought for. We have to be passionate about our family, friends and neighbours and help to make life better for everyone, we have to fight for one another and for what is good in this world. Through God’s grace that fills our lives, we should make it our goal to fight for the good of our relationships.

Marriage is recognised as the pinnacle of our human love, and when the going gets tough, as it does in everyone’s life then we can turn to Christ who will share our burdens and troubles and will hold us up when we can no longer stand alone…

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