Low Sunday

Church News | Sunday, 8 April 2018 |

By Joan

See and believe, don't see and still believe

See and believe, don't see and still believe

Revd Anne, reminded us that this Sunday is called Low Sunday probably so named because of its relative unimportance in contrast with Easter Sunday.

The reading today from John’s Gospel tells the story of Jesus appearing to his disciples and by showing them his pierced hands and side proved to them that he was indeed the risen Christ. The Gospel story goes on to tell of how Thomas who was not there when Jesus appeared refuses to believe what the disciples tell him. He says that unless he can put his hands into the wounds of Jesus he would not believe.

Revd Anne said how disturbing it is when something you say is not believe when indeed you are telling the truth, she told us that many years ago she returned a car to a garage because there was something amiss and whilst there the car was stolen. To her amazement she was questioned by the police on the thinking that it could be some kind of a scam to defraud the insurance company... Again, some years later, she had the misfortune to have money taken out of her bank account, once more she was questioned by the fraud department regarding the money that was missing… The disciples testified to the resurrection of Jesus, but still Thomas does not believe and gives no credibility to the words of his friends and associates.

Again, Jesus appears in the upper room and bids all of his disciples. ‘Peace be with you’ and bids Thomas to put his hands where the nails had been and his hands where the spear has struck him and Thomas believed because he had seen.

At evening prayer, Revd Diana spoke of the ups and downs of all our lives saying that sometimes we are sad and depressed and other times life is good. When the women went to the tomb with spices to prepare the body of Jesus for burial they were astonished to find the tomb empty and although they were shocked and afraid, Diana said that the empty tomb gives us hope, a sign of hope of everlasting life, if we can only believe.

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