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Church News | Monday, 23 April 2018 |

By Joan

Everything you would want to know...

Everything you would want to know...

Following a shortened 10.30am Service we were invited to stay to the APCM for 2018. We had a short break to get a coffee, etc. then it was back to our seats in church for the meeting. It was a very positive and upbeat meeting with the election of Church Wardens at the short Vestry Meeting, and the date of the next AVM and APCM which is to be held on the 27th or 28th of April 2019. Usually the APCM is held on a Saturday evening but this year the clergy decided to try holding it on a Sunday morning straight after the service.

All the major officers in the church were kind enough to stand for election again this year for which everyone was very pleased. Revd Carolyn spent most of her time thanking everyone for everything they do to keep their beautiful church up and running so well. She said the church had a very busy schedule of regular events and that even though a few had failed most of the events were running well and improving. Carolyn tried to remember to thank all the event organisers and leaders and apologised if she had left anyone out. She reminded everyone about how much work her team do and how pleased she is that all seems to be going well.

Instead of the usual presentation Revd Carolyn introduced us to Revd Dan Pierce who was licenced a few weeks ago to the new, vast estate of Beaulieu and Channels. We were delighted to meet him and speaking from the Lectern, he said how pleased he was to be at the meeting and how impressed he was with all the goings’ on at our ancient church. Regarding his own mission, he said that he was very excited at the prospect of bringing the Word of God to such a large estate that he reckons is only yet a quarter built. Revd Dan said that his plan for the estate could be summed up with the initials PPI & A – Prayer, Presence, Intention and Attention. Dwelling on Prayer, he said that he would try to be a constant presence to the people of the estate, with the intention of spreading the word of God as far as possible, and he said he would be walking around the estate and sitting in the coffee shop paying attention to the people and their needs, by being ready to talk, walk and befriend anyone who needs him or God’s word.

After the meeting everyone was invited into St Leonards hall for a lunch of sandwiches, cakes and refreshments…

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