A special love

Church News | Sunday, 29 April 2018 |

By Joan

We have a very special love for them...

We have a very special love for them...

This morning’s reading from Genesis 22: 1-18, told us how God tested Abraham's faith, by directing him to offer his one and only beloved son Isaac as a burnt offering. The story was truly apt as with joy we welcomed new baby Louis to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and very sadly said farewell to little Alfie Evans who died during the week after his devoted parents did all in their power to keep him alive.

Revd Carolyn said that as a parent we love our children with a very special and unconditional love that comes straight from our heart. Our physical and emotional hearts are the core of our being and any normal parent will do everything possible to protect their precious child. Carolyn said that no matter who we are or what our situation the love we have for our children shows and the look of love on the face of the duchess as she looked down on her new baby said it all, likewise, the fight put up by little Alfie’s parents was little more than anyone would do for the sake of their beloved child.

God tested Abraham to the limit and seeing him going through the motion of obeying His instructions moved God into stopping Abraham’s act of true faith, for which I am sure Abraham must have been truly thankful, even though in time, God would indeed sacrifice His own, one and only Son, for the love of mankind. Of course, we cannot be expected to understand the love that God shows to us unless we, like the ‘True Vine’ are attached to Him and are fruitful, for if we abide in Him, He will abide in us.

Revd Carolyn, ended her sermon with a prayer for our beloved children and for little Alfie Evens’ parents who fought for every precious moment of his short life.

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