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Church News | Monday, 4 June 2018 |

By Joan

Alpaca's are not easily led!

Alpaca's are not easily led!

On Sunday afternoon, Revd Anne opened her garden around 3pm for us all to have drinks and eats and enjoy each other’s company. She couldn’t have chosen a better day. It was so warm and sunny that most of us had to seek the shade.

At 5.30pm the garden was set up for Evening Prayer with dozens of chairs in a semi-circle and with Jill all set to play the keyboard so that we had accompaniment to the hymns we sang. Revd’s Julie and Diana gave us the readings and Revd Carolyn read Prayers of intercession. Revd Anne spoke to us about her Alpacas and remarked at how resistant they are to have anything done to them. They are due to be sheared soon and unlike our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who was lead to his death like a sheep to the slaughter, she assured us that her Alpacas put up a great deal of resistance to being led anywhere, let alone to be sheared, or anything else for that matter, and she promised that next time she opens up her garden she will be the proud owner of three sheep that I am sure will help keep her grass trimmed. I guess that besides selling us Alpaca poo for our gardens next year we may be offered wool for our spinning wheels too!

At the 10.30 Morning Service Revd Julie spoke on the reading we had from Mark 2: that told us the story of Jesus curing the man with a withered hand on the Sabbath day, Jesus knew he was being watched and judged and asked if it was right or wrong to do good on the allotted day of rest… Of course, Jesus defied his critics as usual and did what he thought was good. Revd Julie told us that our bodies, where Jesus exists are like clay jars, they are long-lasting but not everlasting and we should be forever guided by the Holy Spirit to do whatever we can for others regardless of the day or the time. We should always set aside time to worship God, that is why he gave us a day of rest. However, we should always find time to worship God no matter how busy we are, for the sabbath day is for our benefit not God’s.

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