Planting a Seed

Church News | Sunday, 17 June 2018 |

By Joan

We know not how it grows,,,

We know not how it grows,,,

At the 10.30am service Revd Anne said that being a dutiful daughter, she had given her father a Father’s Day card with a gardening theme. Thus, the gardening theme continued with a reading from Ezekiel 17: when he said that in order to bring all the nations together he would take a Cedar tree cutting from the top of a Cedar tree and plant it at the top of a mountain. We viewed this old testament reading through Jesus’ prophesies of Ezekiel.

In the Gospel of Mark 4: we hear the wonderful parable of the mustard seed, saying that we just sow seeds, we sleep on it and the seed germinates and grows. We do not understand how a seed grows and produces a harvest - it just does! Rather like Christians, we don’t know how, but the word is sown in our hearts and we grow through the belief in God. As we gather together we can all grow as Christians through God’s word.

In Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians he suggests that we would rather be with God than within our own bodies but while we are here we can do God’s work, and we can still feel good about ourselves and our lives while doing that work. To enable us to do good works, we need to be rooted in God. Just as a plant can be grafted onto a stock plant so we can be grafted onto God through the suffering of Jesus. When grafting plants together both have to be cut and wounded before they are bound together so that a union is forged, once the wound heals both grow on together in that union. Jesus was wounded for us so that we may be grafted onto him through our baptism. Once we are bound together we can grow well and never be separated from our Lord, we continue our lives blossoming and flourishing by drawing strength from God…

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