St. Mary's Darts Champion Crowned

Church News | Friday, 22 February 2013 |

By David Marcus

Darts Champ!

Darts Champ!

Throwing skills honed in the pub during university years before doing battle on the rugby field surged to the fore after many years of dormancy and propelled our Treasurer to victory at the Men’s Group darts evening in the Kings Arms on 21 February.

In a thrilling final Alun Powell overcame a spirited challenge by his son, Owen. Those of us defeated in the 1st round could only watch in awe of his skill and order another pint! Alun used his original darts from those far off university years.

The pasty and chips at half time went down a treat and a very enjoyable evening was had by all. Alun received a commemorative Mug adorned with a picture of our Church. Owen achieved second place and Jim Tibbott third.

The Men’s group next meet on 21 March. For information about that meeting please contact Alun Powell.

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