What a Journey...

Church News | Sunday, 24 June 2018 |

By Joan

Not quite like a tropical island!

Not quite like a tropical island!

What an amazing journey we had today – We went from a stormy, tempestuous sea to a tropical island paradise??? Well, perhaps not quite like that, but we did hear the story from Mark’s Gospel of Jesus laying asleep in the storm-engulfed boat, and when awakend stilled the wind and waves, which prompted Revd Carolyn, to recount her recent Baltic cruise, where everything became somewhat rough when the North Sea met the Baltic Sea. Apparently, the boat listed dramatically, along with her soup and the upstairs swimming pools however, she assured us that the crew were well rehearsed in such conditions, so all ended up calm, rather like the story of Jesus calming the fearsome storm that raged on the Sea of Galilee.

We slowly drifted along through the lunchtime hours only to end up – perhaps not on a paradise island but on Church Green to join around sixty other people in our annual Songs of Praise on the Green. The weather was superb for the service, it was tropical sunshine all the way. We had a service full of Praise, Thanksgiving and Love. We were joined by a delightful singing group called ‘Little 2 Big Voices’ who sang two beautiful songs for us while the rest of the hymns and readings were chosen from the congregations of Broomfield Methodist Church and St Mary’s Parish Church. At the end of the service we were all invited to a BBQ and refreshments in St Mary’s Courtyard, where we had lots of drinks, eats and nibbles. We really enjoyed our day and Revd Carolyn thanked all who helped with the vast amount of organisation that goes into such a wonderful and successful day – Especially Rev’d Julie who is looking forward to her own few weeks of paradise…

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