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Church News | Sunday, 1 July 2018 |

By Joan

In dire need?

In dire need?

At the 10.30am service this morning we were happy to welcome Jane Swift to tell us about the work of the Trussell Trust Food Banks and how she got involved. Jane and her husband Mike are parishioners of St Michael’s Church in Gidea Park, Romford, the church where Revd Carolyn spent some years as a curate, so we got to know Jane and Mike well.

Jane began her talk by asking who were ‘feeders’ among us meaning, those who love to provide food for others. She said that she believed Jesus was a feeder as he loved to give people food for their bodies, as well as food for their thoughts. Moving on, Jane said that it must be dreadful to wake up in the morning, go to the cupboard and find that there is very little or indeed, no food with which to feed your family or yourself. It appears that every day people in the UK go hungry for many different reasons and a simple box of food makes a big difference. It has been found that foodbanks help to prevent crime, housing loss, family breakdowns and mental health problems.

Jane told us that some years ago she went to an unscheduled meeting with a friend and was totally moved by the speaker from Trussell Trust Food Banks – Although Jane had worked for BT in London for many years, she eventually left that company after having introduced Food Bank boxes into her company as well as into her church.

Well over a 1.3million people use the food banks annually and there are over 440 food banks spread throughout the UK. Food banks rely on donations from food companies as well as the ordinary man and woman in the street. There are many places where people can apply for vouchers if they are in need. Food vouchers can even be obtained from St Mary’s Church if a family is in dire need. Food Banks are run by over 40,000 volunteers who hand out not only enough food for three days, but toiletries, baby food, support and friendship…

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