Teach us Lord.

Church News | Monday, 9 July 2018 |

By Joan

Teach us Oh Lord...

Teach us Oh Lord...

At the 10.30am Service Revd Carolyn, told us what an amazing leader and teacher Jesus was, assuring us of God’s love at all times. Jesus’ name must have spread throughout the land yet back in his own home town, he was not necessarily admired, yet even his peers, neighbours and friends were astonished when they heard Jesus teaching in the temple. Where did he get his knowledge? Where does he get his authority? They asked…

According to St Paul’s writing, it seems that some of his teaching could be quite confusing, so there may have been many people who didn’t quite understand what he was trying to tell them.

Everyone learns, but we all learn in different ways and it takes different teachers to lead us down the correct knowledge path. Carolyn, told of two of the teachers that taught her at school, and I am sure we can all remember one or two teachers that left an impression on us.

Jesus must have been an amazing and charismatic speaker for wherever he went he grew large crowds. They all wanted to hear how God loves us and cares for us always. He gives us his grace. Grace is the love and forgiveness given to us by God, even if we don’t deserve it He gives it to us because He wants us to have it. We are His children, and He loves us and is always there for us, we can turn to Him and call upon Him at any time. God’s amazing grace is abundant.

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