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Church News | Monday, 16 July 2018 |

By Joan

We mustn't be afraid to speak the truth

We mustn't be afraid to speak the truth

John the Baptist was imprisoned because he wasn’t afraid to speak the truth… Jesus encourages us all to speak the truth but doing so isn’t always easy remarked Revd Julie at the 10.30am service. She reminded us of the comments that had been made by the Archbishop of Canterbury, some years ago regarding a lending company that was charging people extortionate amounts of interest adding to the quantity of debt that was bringing many to the brink of disaster.

Revd Julie then told us how some time ago, she complained to the manager of a supermarket that was displaying a T-shirt with the inscription ‘I didn’t get what I wanted so I bought her another drink.’ Of course, it caused some upset, but she was pleased to say the T-shirt was removed. John was a herald who spoke out in the darkness and Jesus always spoke out for those who had no voice, so we mustn’t be afraid to speak out either.

At Evening Prayer, Revd Diana said that it isn’t always easy being a Christion and reminded us of the plight of Paul who, even when imprisoned kept trying to preach the Good News to his own people. Even when his words fell on deaf ears, he never gave up and carried on preaching to anyone who would listen. He told his listeners that God promised to shower blessings onto all those who loved, obeyed and followed him, God didn’t say that life would always be easy and comfortable, but that he would always be beside his followers no matter what… Life wasn’t at all easy for those great evangelists who spoke the truth and carried God’s message to the people, John the Baptist was beheaded on a whim, Paul was eventually executed under the rule of Nero and of course, Jesus was beaten and cruelly crucified for us… But, we are fortunate for it is relatively easy for us to speak the truth and pass on God’s promise of Blessings on his children.

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