Church News | Sunday, 22 July 2018 |

By Joan



This morning at the 10.30am service Revd Anne, reminded us of one of Jesus’ closest companions that of Mary Magdalene. She was a witness to the work of Christ throughout his ministry, she was always there!

She was the first to attend the tomb in which Jesus had been laid following his crucifixion, and to her shock she found that the body of Jesus had gone. She must have been distraught to say the least, not quite knowing what had happened or what she should do, however, she came upon a man in the garden who she assumed was one who tended the garden and asked where Jesus’ body had been taken. The man looked at her and said her name ‘Mary’ and at once she realised that it was her teacher and friend. Jesus urged her not to hold onto him as he was between worlds and had not yet been taken up into his Father’s house.

Mary immediately ran back and told everyone that she had seen the Lord. What a shock for everyone. Revd Anne went on to say how Paul, urges us to have the same level of commitment as did Mary Magdalene. No matter what we have been or done in our past, we can all be reconciled to God. Paul was so committed to the Word that he spent his life spreading the Good News, even Mary Magdalene travelled abroad spreading the Word of God even as far as France, she was international, an ambassador for Christ. God speaks to us and we must become ambassadors too, we are given this roll at our baptism, we were called by name and we are commissioned for life…

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