Heavenly Food

Church News | Sunday, 5 August 2018 |

By Joan

Food from Heaven

Food from Heaven

Hangry: A new word it seems, for the emotion we can experience when we are feeling very hungry.

In our Gospel reading today we hear of those who came looking for Jesus, for all the wrong reasons. It appears that after the miracle of our Lord’s mass distribution of a small amount of loaves and fish, people were not necessarily hungry for the words of God, but for the chance of free food which made Jesus sad.

Revd Carolyn said that we are all appalled by the visions of true hunger often displayed on the TV and in our newspapers, for food is our body's fuel, it is what enables us to live, in fact, food is a matter of life or death. But there is more to life than physical hunger, our soul is frequently starved of spiritual food especially when we turn our backs on God. Jesus wanted to let the people know that he wasn’t a free café, handing out edible food. His work here on earth was to give the people who listened the true bread of life. He told the people that He was the Bread of Life, and that whoever listened to him and loved God would never hunger or thirst. We need the true food to sustain us in order to do God’s work by helping others. We receive that heavenly food each time we take communion, it’s a blessing we can take out and share with others. We often ask God to ‘Give us our daily bread’ so let us continue hungering for it.

At Evening Prayer, we looked at Psalm 86 where we ask God to ‘bend down and listen to our pleas’ and Revd Carolyn said how wonderful it is to think that God would be so gracious as to ‘bend down’ just to listen to our every woe. Around half the psalms were attributed to King David who was noted for frequently needing the listening ear of God. Unlike those of us who are so independent – we so often forget to speak to God until we are exhausted and have nowhere else to turn. Carolyn quoted John Bunyan who said ‘"You can do more than pray after you have prayed, but you cannot do more than pray until you have prayed’.

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