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By Joan

Love, as He loved us...

Love, as He loved us...

We had two very contrasting, readings at this mornings service, one from 2 Samuel 18: starting at v 5 where we hear about the murder of King David’s beloved son Absalom, the grief that brought the King to his knees. King David wasn’t the most holy of men, the way he lived his life was far from good, in fact he had performed many misdeeds in his life and as his three sons were taken from him he must have felt God’s punishment hanging heavy on his shoulders. His life had been torn apart after he suffered the result of revenge, murders, betrayals and the death of his beloved children.

Our second reading was from Ephesians 4: 25 where we are requested not to grieve the Spirit, with wrong-doing and anger, instead we should be living in love, truth and harmony with our family, friends and neighbours. Revd Anne said in her talk that when she was around 15 she worked for a while in a local newspaper shop and when it was quiet she would read all the goings-on in the newspapers, some she said, spoke of anger and sleaze, mis-deeds and corruption, somewhat like many of the stories in the bible, so things haven’t changed much…

Jesus must have come upon the same kind of envy and anger when he went back to his home town to teach in the temple there. When he called himself the ‘Bread of Life, he was judged to be little more than the local carpenter’s son and many were infuriated, annoyed and angry at His words… Therefore, it matters not how irritated and spiteful we may be to our neighbours, said Revd Anne, God has already forgiven us, His son Jesus bore all our sins when he died on the cross, so we should live our lives being kind, thoughtful, generous and forgiving just as we have been forgiven.

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