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Church News | Sunday, 19 August 2018 |

By Joan

The Wise Owl

The Wise Owl

Some young people appear to be born wise and some people, no matter how old they get never act in a wise way or make sensible decisions. At the 10.30am service Revd Carolyn told us of how when she was a very young Brownie Guide the group would perform a ritual for new recruits by asking them to seek the wise elf, and upon looking in a pool or mirror they see their own self, so it’s all about self-understanding.

Following the death of King David, his son Solomon took over the throne to become King. Upon taking up this hugely responsible position although young, King Solomon, implored God to grant him the grace and sense of Wisdom… God was very happy with the King’s request and was pleased to grant him his wish but being very impressed with Solomon’s wise request he also granted Solomon, health, wealth and longevity.

Just like the Brownie’s wise elf, we must be self-aware so that we can recognise any foolish ways we may have or be adopting. Many don’t possess the gift of wisdom, but in God’s love we can become wise and find gratification, the ways of the world are unjust and it’s so easy for us to fall into sinful ways. Like King Solomon, we must ask God for wisdom today, having insight and perception could change our lives and help to improve the lives of people around the world.

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