Macmillan Morning

Church News | Sunday, 23 September 2018 |

By Joan

The greatest Coffee Morning.

The greatest Coffee Morning.

Once again Trudy opened her garden on Saturday 22nd for the Macmillan ‘Largest Coffee Morning’. From 10am onwards there were lots of comings and goings with people arriving, donating and then going across for a welcome cup of tea or coffee and then going over to the back of the garden to sample one or two (or perhaps three) of the super cakes that were hiding undercover. There was also a raffle to tempt us to part with our cash. The weather tried so hard to ruin the morning with light flurries of rain, but our spirits were not going to be dampened for we sat it out chatting and enjoying each other’s company whilst eating our cakes. It was a great morning and we were told in church this morning that Trudy had raised around £391.10 for this worthy cause. Brilliant!

At Evening Prayer Revd Anne spoke on the Gospel reading about the disciples who were arguing among themselves over who was the greatest! Anne assured us that among her 9 or so chickens there really is a pecking order where the dominant chicken will quite brutally peck the lesser bird so that they know their place, but then the lower chicken will peck the next lesser chicken and so on saying that one of her chickens has had all its tail feathers plucked out!

Jesus tried to explain to his disciples that in God’s pecking order, he who is least will be the most wanted, and taking a little child, a child who would have had no status at all in Jesus’ time, told them that such a child would be the most welcome in God’s Kingdom.

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