A Prayer for Revd Diana

Church News | Sunday, 30 September 2018 |

By Joan

Something Special

Something Special

Today we thank you for the service that Diana has given to your church in different ways and in different places and we pray that her sense of calling may be renewed as she comes to this work in St Mary’s Church. We thank you for the talents and skills she has exercised and which she now brings to this new role as Priest and for her integrity and faith. We thank you for all she has learned in her ministry and all that she has given and all that she has shared.

We thank you for the pilgrimage of her past and the mission that is her future. In her priesthood may Diana give and be given to, hear and be heard. Love and be loved, support and be supported.

Grant your grace to both Diana and this congregation to forge together a renewed partnership of trust and respect. May she proclaim the good news of the kingdom and through our life and worship together and through her sacramental ministry. May she teach, baptise and nurture new believers through her faith and fellowship. May she respond to human need by loving service and through the stewarding of energies, funds and resources. May she seek to transform unjust structures of society through her compassion and courage. May she strive to safeguard the integrity of creation to sustain and renew the life of the earth. Through her vigilance and vision, we pray for your presence in the dreams she dares to dream, in the hopes she begins to build and in the future as a priest in your church. God who transformed the cross into a victory and built your church on the weak and powerless, keep her faithful to her calling, equip her for your service. Guide her on her pilgrimage and welcome her into your future. Read by Revd Anne…

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