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Church News | Sunday, 4 November 2018 |

By Joan

Christmas boxes for deprived children

Christmas boxes for deprived children

Operation Christmas Child was celebrated today at the 10.30am Service. We had a short but very moving service conducted by Revd Anne. Just for once we had a screen showing all the hymns and responses which was very unusual for St Mary’s Church but during the talk, given by Revd Julie we saw a very short film about the journey of our donated shoeboxes that go to deprived children all over the world. Seeing the delighted faces of the children that receive these gifts was truly wonderful and very heart-rending. During her talk Revd Julie told us a story of one young lad who was queueing up to be handed his shoebox and whilst waiting he was asked by one of the distributers as to what he would like among his gifts and as the boy had trouble with his sight, he said that he would like new eyes! Unable to help of course, the distributer sadly walked away but when eventually the boy received his shoebox and opened it, they were all amazed to see that hiding among his gifts was a magnifying glass! Everyone was delighted for the boy saying what an amazing coincidence it was. Revd Julie said that God is good! Revd Anne, then invited those in the congregation to bring up their filled shoeboxes to be placed on the alter, where they were blessed.

Revd Anne said that the shoeboxes were being picked up next Friday so if anyone wanted to add to the collection of boxes there is still plenty of time… Thank you.

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