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By Joan

Found in His Father's House

Found in His Father's House

The first noted words of Jesus, said to his parents were ‘Why were you searching for me?’ Was the young Jesus being precocious? Well, of course he was because he was far more advanced in the knowledge of His true Father God, than anyone dare give him credit for. Even the hierarchy of the temple were amazed at his knowledge and his understanding of the holy scriptures, and yet somehow Jesus didn’t seem to understand why his parents had been frantically looking for him! Typical youngster eh? Mary and Joseph had been under threat from Herod ever since the News of Jesus’ birth had been announced to the world. The fearful family had taken flight to Egypt and had managed to escape the certain death of the young child, whilst the murder of the innocents took place. It was only human nature that Jesus’ parents were afraid for him, the same way as we all fear for and worry about our beloved children. The boy Jesus must have felt very secure with his parents and his extended family, so it was only natural that he questioned his worried parents as to why they were searching for him, and we can only assume that he felt so comfortable and at home in his ‘Fathers House’ that he dare question his earthly parents. However, we hear that as soon as his parents had explained the problem, he obediently went with them and stayed until we next hear of Jesus as an adult about to take up the Ministry he came to earth for.

Jesus’ parents searched for him because they loved him, so what is our relationship with Jesus asked Revd Carolyn. He knows where we are but are we still searching for Him? Has there ever been a time in our life when we did not know Jesus? And have we been searching for him ever since? If so, you only have to look and listen to his voice and then you will know he is near. Revd Carolyn ended her Christmas sermon with a beautiful prayer… Amen.

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