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By Joan

Celebrating the Baptism of Jesus.

Celebrating the Baptism of Jesus.

Baptism is there to cleanse a person of their sin, and many years ago people would be baptised on their deathbed in order that they would be made whole. These days it is more likely for a baby to be baptised than an adult. Of course, babies have no idea what is happening to them during a baptism, but God knows, for he knows them by name… In fact, Revd Carolyn said that very often when baptising a baby the sun suddenly streams through the church window, too often in fact, to be mere coincidence.

John the Baptist was a charismatic man who was very much admired, yet he was humble enough to recognise that there was no way he could be compared to the Messiah and although he would baptise his followers, he would tell them that he did so with water unlike one who would come after him who would baptise people with the Holy Spirit and fire. Yet, when his time came, Jesus chose to be baptised by John. Many have wondered why Jesus went to John to be ‘cleansed’, because it was only the sinful that were baptised. And Jesus was without sin. However, by being baptised, Jesus chose to align himself with us poor sinners, so it’s up to us to spread the good news of God’s love for us. Those of us who are Christians are the guardians of hope. Baptism gives people the strength to go forward for God. And every year at this time we are reminded that Jesus is God’s son the Beloved.

At the afternoon ‘Sunday Special’ service for families, the children made fancy candles and drew pictures with white chalk on a black background to represent the dove that descended upon Jesus. They also watched the puppet crew perform that lovely song. ‘How long will I love you’ by Ellie Goulding.

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