Church News | Monday, 21 January 2019 |

By Joan

Here's to our gifts and our country!

Here's to our gifts and our country!

Our Gospel reading today must be one of the most widely read stories in the bible, it tells of Jesus being at a wedding with his disciples and being prompted by his mother to produce some extra wine for the thirsty wedding guests. Although it sounds as though he didn’t really want to get involved, mum insisted and Jesus complied, by turning ordinary water into excellent wine. Cheers!

However, in her address, Revd Anne chose to talk about the reading we had from St Paul’s letter to the Corinthians. In which he speaks to them quite sternly about their so called ‘gifts’ especially the gift of speaking in tongues, which was so highly rated that it made those who had this gift feel far superior to those who didn’t. Paul said that the Holy Spirit endows everyone with a special gift that should be used for the benefit of others and that no gift should be treated higher or lower than anyone else’s gift.

Revd Anne, wondered what Paul would rate as gifts today? Would it be the gift of wisdom, knowledge, or faith, perhaps! Revd Anne, reminded us that the coming week has been designated at ‘Christian Unity Week’ and that the coming Saturday 26th January has been chosen as a day of prayer for our nation. So, let us come together and pray for unity in our wonderful country and to work for God’s purposes – Cheers!

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