He speaks to us in different ways...

Church News | Monday, 28 January 2019 |

By Joan

God speaks if we listen

God speaks if we listen

Revd Julie reminded us this morning that it had been Christian Unity Week and that Saturday had been chosen for us to pray for our nation. We were also reminded that this day, 27th January is recognized as International Holocaust Remembrance Day when we commemorate the tragedy of the millions of people who were murdered by the Nazi regime during the Second World War. These included Jews, Slavs, Poles, Romanian people, Mentalally and Physically disabled people, Serbs, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Homosexual men, all slaughtered because they were considered ‘different’. Revd Julie agreed that most of us prefer being with like-minded people, but that doesn’t mean to say that because someone is different, they are less important than anyone else, like our bible reading from 1 Corinthians which said that no part of a person’s body is more important than another part, and if one part suffers then the whole body suffers. For God loves each person no matter who they are, or what they are like…

At Evening Prayer, Revd Julie again reminded us of how much God loves us, and how he wants us to listen to his call and obey him. But how do we hear him? Through prayer of course, she said. Revd Julie went on to tell us of a couple of her own experiences of hearing the words of God. One was of a beautiful scenic picture she had seen on a screen the first time she had visited St Mary’s Church. Later that evening at another, prophetic church service she witnessed one of the leaders talk about and describe this beautiful scenic picture she had seen in the morning! Then later when she was considering serving her curacy here at St Mary’s Church, she said that she was driving along a busy motor-way, praying earnestly about her discussion on whether to come to St Mary’s or not, a huge haulage lorry passed by on the other side of the road with a large heading inscribed ‘St Mary’s’. Well with all those signs given to her from God, how could she have possibly resisted his call?

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