Church News | Monday, 18 February 2019 |

By Joan

Hope in new life.

Hope in new life.

At the 10.30 service Revd Diana said how lovely it was to be here at St Mary's Church on such a beautiful sunny spring-like morning. A morning where we can see the daffodils and crocuses just opening up after the long cold winter. She reminded us that it is the pattern of creation and the new life we see all around us is a sign of our hope in a new life with Christ. St Paul wrote to the Corinthian church hoping to reassure them that Christ really was raised from the dead and taken up into heaven for if they didn’t believe and have hope in the resurrection then their Christian life was empty, Christ has power over death, and it’s this hope that remains the cornerstone of our Christian faith. Just as the spring flowers die and rise again so our hope should be that when we pass from this life we will rise again to new life with Christ. Revd Diana spoke of the Beatitudes which say that the wealthy have no guarantee of an everlasting life if they do not give themselves to the service of God and their fellow man…

At evening prayer Revd Carolyn spoke about Psalm 5 in which the first three verses cry out to God to listen to us, no matter how we pray God indeed promises to listen to us when we call upon Him…

Revd Carolyn then spoke of the very emotive subject in the news about the Muslim teenager who went away at the age of 15 to fight with the Islamic group ISIS. Now married and having lost two of her children to illness, and having just given birth to another child, she wants to come back to England. Not appearing remorseful in news bulletins most of our first reactions would be to dismiss her plea and turn our backs, but… Teenagers are prone to making big mistakes and as Christians, we must consider what Jesus would do?

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