Where is our faith?

Church News | Sunday, 24 February 2019 |

By Joan

Trust in God and he will keep us calm...

Trust in God and he will keep us calm...

From our reading this week, Revelation 4 – Revd Julie took the phrase ‘And the door stood open!’ meaning that the door to heaven is open to everyone, for the one true God is there and loves everyone. Our heart is our door, and like heaven it should be open to all. However, when we are afraid, we tend to close our heart and our mind which imprisons us, rather like all the walls that are built around the world, walls that keep people away or fenced in. We want to keep people who are not like us away and out of our lives, unlike Jesus, who according to the Gospel of Luke 8: 22-25, purposely took to a fishing boat along with his disciples so that he could speak to those on the other side of the Lake of Galilee, people who were different, they were Gentiles… During this trip a storm blew up and the boat began to capsize. So afraid were the disciples that they awoke Jesus who had fallen asleep and begged him to help. Revd Julie, queried the fearfulness of the disciples, as they were all experienced fishermen and would hardly have been afraid of a storm at sea, but what were they afraid of? Did they fear mixing with people that were not their own? Were they afraid of having to do something they were not accustomed to? We all fear the unknown, especially in uncetain times, but our fears can be calmed if we love God and trust in his plans for our future.

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