Sunday Special Treats

Church News | Sunday, 3 March 2019 |

By Joan

Yummy pancakes and home-made bread.

Yummy pancakes and home-made bread.

This afternoon, our children joined us at a great pancake-type party. There was so much to do that we hardly knew where to start. Revd Julie read us all a story then we went on to do colouring, playing patience, making bread rolls prepared by Revd Anne it was just amazing to see how the dough was rising.

At one of the tables the children were asked to draw a picture of something we are very grateful for, and it was wonderful to see how many drew or wrote about their family members.

Once the bread dough had risen sufficiently, all the children gathered around a table to knead the dough and fashion it into bread-rolls. Once done, the rolls where whisked away into the oven while the children watched a short piece of film about a panda trying to catch some dumplings! The wonderful aroma of bread was making us all feel hungry so without more ado, we all gathered around to table to enjoy yummy pancakes with equally yummy toppings and to sample the bread rolls. Phew! I am sure we all went home full.

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