What’s Important?

Church News | Sunday, 21 July 2019 |

By Joan

What's more important?

What's more important?

Today’s Gospel reading told the short story of Jesus’ visit to house of Mary and Martha. Mary was spellbound by the words of Jesus while Martha was left to entertain their important visitor. Martha becomes agitated with the lack of help and asked Jesus to intervene but of course Jesus doesn’t. This story can give the impression that Jesus was very self-centred and would rather have received adulation than a cup of tea, but of course it’s ‘The Word’ that Luke is referring too, saying that, focusing on the word of God is far more important than anything else we do. Revd Diana said in her sermon, that we need to be alert and ready to recognise the Trinity of God, as we never know when He is going to come to us. We need to be aware that God made peace with his people through the blood of Christ. And the miracle of life is available to all of us if we sit quiet and listen.

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