Church News | Sunday, 28 July 2019 |

By Joan

Mmm! All rather puzzling

Mmm! All rather puzzling

No one ever really knows what God is up to? We had sweet, pure honey pouring down the church walls all over the Ten Commandment plaques, we had people down on their hands and knees cleaning up so that we didn’t all stick to the floor, and according to Revd Julie we have the Holy Spirit tattooing love on our hearts. Then, feeling sure we were in for a political talk about our new Prime Minister by Revd Diana we quickly realised that her sermon was about St Paul and how God intervened so dramatically in his life, his thinking and his actions that it changed his path for good. So, the puzzle is, that whatever life-path we choose to follow, God is bound to turn our lives upside down if He needs us to do His work. So beware, as you never know what God is up to!

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