Church News | Sunday, 13 October 2019 |

By Joan

How dreadful to be rejected.

How dreadful to be rejected.

Today we heard the story from Luke’s gospel of Jesus healing the ten people with leprosy. Such a dreadful illness said Revd Carolyn, a condition that still exists today, but is relatively easy to cure… Not in biblical times though, as people with such an illness were shunned by all and sent away to rot and die. People who were rejected from their homes and families because they had developed leprosy had not only to be worried and afraid but also had to suffer the rejection of everyone they knew and loved. The lepers in our story pleaded with Jesus to have pity on them and he told them to visit their priests for a blessing, sadly, only one returned to Jesus to thank Him, and he was truly healed by his faith. No matter what condition we have we can all receive the love of God through our faith in Jesus Christ.

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