Bible Sunday

Church News | Sunday, 27 October 2019 |

By Joan

Get into the habit of reading your bible

Get into the habit of reading your bible

Today was Bible Sunday… On a chilly but sunny day, Revd Carolyn, waved her precious bible in the air, saying it was the one she received when she was ordained deacon, she also had to give it back at one point and was given it again when she was priested. Even so, it was the one she always used and asked us how often did we read our bibles? Revd Carolyn said what a truly powerful influence it can have on our lives, it can teach us and train us and we need to work on the habit of reading it regularly – Some may say that it was only written by human beings but she believes that they wrote with the inspiration of ‘God’s breath’. Although he was trained as a humble carpenter, Jesus was very knowledgeable in the scriptures and could easily find the words he needed. Words that could not only help his people, but also us Christians today do God’s good works

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